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New Zealand very much lends itself to campervan or motor home touring and it has become extremely popular with locals as a holiday mode.Tourists with families in particular, also find this a very convenient means of touring the camping facilities are usually excellent, and readily available. a pitch with good shade if you have the luxury of choice. In all campsites, you will find a good range of pitches to choose from outside of the six week summer holidays. If you research your sites carefully, you can also find lesser populated holiday parks even at peak times (for example more inland). Take a good quality tarp that you can use to create artificial shade in an emergency, otherwise, your tent will resemble a sauna for the best part of the day. North Coast Holiday Parks Evans Head manager Adrian Easdown said he offered complimentary caravan parking which prevented a lot of conflict and was jokingly referred to as their ‘marriage-saving’ service.

These caravan parks offer a great range of facilities for campers with children’s play areas, cafes and shops, Wi-Fi, electric power supplies, and even swimming pools – not to mention lots of space outdoors to run around. With the help of the Scouts Association’s Simon Carter, and Caroline Thomas, operations officer, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, we’ve compiled the ultimate first-timer’s list, debunking myths and explaining how to choose the finest camping gear guaranteed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable, plus revealing those invaluable extras you won’t realise you needed to pack until you’re in a field, in the rain, hungry.

Rental accommodation – Start thinking about booking your holiday in January, whether it’s online or by phone (all our campsites continue to take phone calls through the winter), to make sure you get the type of accommodation you want. This way you can also take advantage of our special early bird” prices. And remember, to avoid Saturday traffic congestion in the summer many Flower campsite now offer arrivals on Wednesdays and even Sundays. If you want to be able to make your way easily around the campsite, try a baby carrier instead of a pushchair! Saves room and makes travelling on uneven grass a bit more hassle free. You can research online for the best organic baby carriers to make sure you find the best fit for your family.

We work in partnership with KelAir Campotel to provide our camping holidays so all the KelAir mobile homes are located in a cluster so you’re sure to meet other Irish families and your kids will become friends with other kids. Sleeping bags – there are a wonderful variety of light-weight, ultra warm and very durable sleeping bags available at most camping stores. Sleeping bags come in a variety of sizes, from extra long to children’s sizes. Sleeping bags, like tents will have to packed into the camping location, so should be a lightweight, easy-to-care-for fabric.

We also try to pack a highchair – we found a great foldable camping highchair that has a useful tray – great for baby led weaning, and it has a really compact fold. Check out other caravans for sale within the park and nearby parks. If there are many for sale, try and find out why? A good park should have a low turnover of caravans for sale. Make a cooking checklist: Remember that you might not have access to all your regular cooking utensils and equipment – so make a checklist of essential items. Be practical: plastic or disposable cutlery, crockery, mugs, and cups are ideal when camping.

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