Tips For Camping In The Rain

One of the most popular family events for summer outings is camping, and to have a safe and fun vacation or holiday it is important to have the right camping gear. Camping in a caravan differs from bringing a tent because you’ll be towing your shelter behind you. You need to look for caravan parks and campgrounds that can accommodate your size. Some roads are not suitable for towing caravans and some campgrounds have certain restrictions. Research your camping area in advance. Another popular park for Disneyland fans is La Croix Du Vieux Pont , a 1.5-hour drive from the theme park. We stayed here for a week, and while you wouldn’t want to commute to Disneyland every day, it was perfect for a day trip.

It is easy to get swept away with the idea to keep moving… to travel…after all the campervan is a house on wheels. From past experience we try to have the ‘3 hour rule’ – no more than three hours travel on the road in one go. If the road trip is expected to last longer than three hours we stop for a few hours or even better – for the night. It makes for a stress free road trip and the little ones appreciate the shorter journey times. Set up a tent in your garden or outside space (your dog will get used to being around camping equipment).

What are your tips for enjoying caravan parks during the school holidays? Let us know in the comments. Our top tip for your camping pod holiday is stick with the camping stove. You can make some delicious one pot meals When you are glamping in locations like our camping pods at Riverside and Scoutscroft you’ll have a mini decking area, perfect for a few camping chairs and a camping stove! A good cool box will keep your food chilled for a night or so. Camping parks will always try their best to allocate you to a pitch of their choice but sometimes this may not be possible, especially if you have a large tent or caravan.

If you already own a pair of waterproof boots, pack them to keep your socks dry as you venture to the latrine at 3am. Wellies would also do the job. But for all-day comfort, stability and dryness you’ll never regret investing in a great pair of boots such as the Cloudrock Waterproof. Despite being quite a chunky high-ankle boot, they’re as light as trainers (445g) and a joy to wear for long periods. The thick sole is cushioned but firm enough to give you reassurance on uneven ground, and the rubber sole sticks brilliantly to rocks, uneven ground and even slippery washing-up areas.

Fortunately, each of these issues is easily avoided. Indeed, a camping trip provides the perfect opportunity to you to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. It also allows you to spend time in the great outdoors. There’s no doubt that a family camping adventure is the stuff that memories are made of. Children will always recall the fun and excitement of exploring the world with the freedom that comes from pitching a tent and having no demands on their time. To optimise airflow through your tent, open up the windows to expose the mesh panels, allowing air to pass through. Take note of which way the wind is blowing and set up your tent so that the wind passes straight through it. Camping at the beach is a great way to ensure a good breeze.

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