A Camping Holiday Could Save You Money

One of the most popular family events for summer outings is camping, and to have a safe and fun vacation or holiday it is important to have the right camping gear. There’s nothing quite like packing up your gear and hitting the road for a camping adventure. Camp Gulf is a premier destination in the Florida Panhandle where you can camp on the sugar sand beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast. The campground hosts a range of meals and activities over the holidays. They also offer 16 cabins, each walking distance to the beach including a loft area, full kitchen, and bath. All children would love camping because it is something very new for them or very few ever get to experience. Setting up their tents for the first time. Collecting water, hearing crickets at night, waking up early in the morning to fetch water. These are the things we no longer get to do as much because our lifestyle is so busy and so different. Sunrise and sunset are something we get to look forward to instead of the latest TV programs or going to the mall.

7. Take your own toilet: This is particularly important if you’re visiting a campsite for the first time and don’t know what the facilities are like. By packing your own portable toilet you can ensure a much more pleasant trip. Have a plan for the set up, maybe one of you could take the kids to the park while the other pitches the tent or if the children are older set them tasks to help with the set up so that they have their own job to get done. Not wanting to sound negative but if you are bringing camping equipment with you, especially if it has been used in Asia, please make sure it is thoroughly clean – no soil on the tent pegs, no grass seeds on the floor. NZ has one of the world’s toughest Agriculture Inspection services. You MUST declare camping equipment and it may be inspected.

Ask for a copy of the Occupation Agreement. It includes park rules, annual costs, inclusions and other details. It should be lengthy. If it is only 2-3 pages long, then it is possible that the agreement does not comply with the legislation concerning on site caravans. The Government Act in NSW concerning on site vans in Holiday Parks is: “Occupation Agreement. Holiday Parks. (Long Term Casual Occupation) Act 2002”. Campsites are generally designed to have less negative effects on the environment, while increasing your comfort and convenience. On your part, take your rubbish with you when you leave your campsite. The trash you leave can attract bacteria, cause animals to choke, or trap some wildlife. Also, your litter can ruin the overall appearance of the environment.

Cornwall is known as a fishing district and for its sands and beaches. But it is a surprising fact that Ruthern Valley is a perfect camping spot with family. It is green, woody with large grass strewn fields. The sites have been adapted for family camping and hence have a lovely play field and swings for kids. The campsite’s location offers great cycling track at well. Come to Ruthern Valley for a wholesome enjoyment. The average family (two adults, two kids) owns around $3786 worth of camping equipment, according to Sum Insure. Families with top-of-the-range gear are looking at an average of $12,000.

One of our top tents of last year, the Cullin 300 is not a cheap pop-up, but remains wonderfully straightforward to pitch, has room for a couple with plenty of kit, weighs 4.2kg (50 x dia22cm bag) and has light and Yunan Eco Alloy Poles, plus a 5000mm (camping code for really waterproof) ripstop weave flysheet with taped seams. We all know there is nothing quite like throwing the camping gear – and the kids – in the back of the car, heading down that empty road and answering the call of the wild. Spending some quality time with the family among nature, well, does it get any better than that? Just don’t forget to make sure that our children and our children’s children can enjoy the outdoors for years to come as well. Here are a few simple tips to make sure your next family camping trip is as green as can be.

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