Christmas Decorations To Light Up Your Holidays

There are many different things to do during Florida holidays. An ingenious suggestion we received through the BIG4 Facebook page was for first-time campers to choose a campsite within close range of a hardware store. This way, you can easily grab a spare item or three in case you are ill-prepared. Before you head off, make sure your dog is up to date with any treatments, vaccinations and general health checks. Ensure your dog is microchipped and that pet insurance is up to date and valid. It’s a great concept to get the kids actively involved with setting up on holiday but we’d probably advise the opposite when packing up! Send the kids on a scavenger hunt or to the shop to get supplies for the return journey home (if they are old enough of course) and allow yourself to pack away without the stress of the young ones under your feet.

This is also where the disadvantages begin however, because some people like the routine they have and won’t want it disturbed by living in a tent for a week or two. Sometimes there are no shower facilities and people will need to use a solar shower, which isn’t a problem for most, but some people could feel self-conscious about their body when using one. Toilets are another big disadvantage if a camp site doesn’t have the facilities provided, as people will need to go and dig themselves a hole to use, or use a communal one, which many consider to be worse.

We have had our T5 camper for just over three years now and pretty much love our family camper van holidays. One thing is for sure. Make sure you have your campervan insurance for a converted van and adequate roadside assistance. We had trouble driving back from our campsite in Spain , and I have to say it was really stressful. Road side assistance is definitely peace of mind. Camping kids run around till lunch like lunatics, then disappear with other campers’ kids till dinner. They never play like they do at home and need half of their usual gear.

20) Decent tent, camp table and folding chairs – Well the tent is the most important of these three, but having furniture to sit on and eat off is a bonus if you have room for it. Sitting on a rug and eating off your lap night after night gets old pretty fast. There are plenty of sites that will give you the rundown on what sort of tent to buy, depending on – your budget, how many you want to accommodate and whether it is just a back up for a night or two, or you are planning to set the whole family up in it for a week or more of quality time.

Before you even leave for your trip, it’s important to introduce sleeping in a tent or campervan if you’re going to do that while on your camping holiday. It will make the trip go much smoother if your little one is already familiar with the tent or campervan and have experienced what it is like to sleep there. You’ll want to think through how you’re going to calm them down for the night in the tent, how much they can tolerate noise-wise for sleeping (you getting in and out of the tent, how much they can hear outside the tent, etc.) and what to do if they wake up in the middle of the night.

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