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With the summer holidays here, thousands of us Brits will be heading off on holiday over the next few weeks for a much needed break. We have always enjoyed camping. Lets face it, it is an affordable option when you have a growing family…. and the kids just love it. There are some wonderful places to visit in the UK, and we love the fresh air, family time, and the chance to visit the local attractions – whatever the weather. There is something special about sitting on a deck chair and just chatting – escaping the technology that surrounds us all at home. Our kiddies love our converted VW campervan and they love a campervan holiday. They still enjoy the novelty of camping holidays but with the added benefit of having all of our essential items with us at all times. There is nothing better than road trip or holiday in the camper van with kids.

Research your sites to ensure that they have good facilities for kids. We have found some really wonderful camping sites, with local shops, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, play parks, indoor games rooms and family bathrooms all on site. It really does make for a pleasant stay if you have good amenities and the sites are safe and well equipped for families. Do remember that noise travels easily between tents and caravans and can be disturbing. Again, check the park’s quiet times. That’s the advice from the managers at more than 35 Aussie holiday parks, who’ve put their heads together to come up with 10 essential tips for a great caravan or camping holiday.

24. Do some forward planning! Put dates in your diary to visit your caravan, not just weeks but months ahead. This helps to avoid commitments at home to prevent you from visiting. Ensuring you get the most out of your holiday home. When the weather is hot, it is crucial that you stay hydrated, especially if you planning to take a hiking or outdoor adventure summer holiday. There are a number of factors that can affect how easy it is to identify the UK’s many species and types of bees. For example, in the later months of the year, they can be become sun-bleached and worn, which serves to alter their colour and make identification slightly more difficult. While participants on a well organised flower holiday will have the benefit of an experienced naturalist guide, the above tips serve as a helpful starting point.

With a population of approximately 180,000, Split is Croatia’s second-largest city and also a real magnet for camping aficionados. The Stobreč” campsite is situated in a suburb of this coastal city and about thirty minutes from the airport. I found Split to be even more colourful, even more ‘authentic’ than Pula. We felt we were truly in Croatia,” Barbara explains. The Müller Trachslers were impressed by the lovely four-star Stobreč” campsite with its well-kept facilities and carefully tended premises, including flowerbeds, palm trees and other trees that provide welcome shade on particularly hot days.

No family camping trip is complete without roasting marshmallows over a campfire – when fire danger ratings allow. When you’re building a fire, do so only with fallen wood. Build your fire in an established fire ring and put it out with water when you’re done. Camping and caravan sites across the UK are set to boom this weekend as a heatwave sweeps the nation. With temperatures expected to soar up to 30 degrees celsius, crowds are anticipated which could bring some concern for travellers in the wake of the pandemic.

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