Camping With Your Dog And Other Top Tips For Your Camping Holiday

Some of the best memories are made on holidays, and there’s no better way to relax, unwind and spend time with your loved ones than on a caravan and camping holiday in New South Wales. 5. Then, using the enormous Eurocamp brochure (a very handy resource whether or not you actually book with Eurocamp) and Google maps (the satellite view is super), I investigated any campsites in close proximity to those airports. I visited the campsite websites and a range of other accommodation providers for availability and prices. This took bloody ages. Anaconda Camping Expert Kristan Jarczak says every child should get to experience camping. With over 400 Holiday Parks across NSW, start planning your next getaway now.

If you’re really worried about bad behaviour in the car, one of my campfire cohorts swears by sitting a packet of lollies on the dash. He tells the kids each time they sook or misbehave that one lolly will be tossed out the window. At the end of the day, they can share what’s left of the lollies or put the empty bag in the bin, the choice is theirs. Camping in the bush allows you to connect with nature and enjoy activities like backpacking, hiking on trails and spotting wildlife. Freeze water in a couple of 2-litre juice bottles about a week before your trip. Adding these to your eskie not only keeps it cold, but also provides cool water to drink once they thaw out — usually in a couple of days.

The 4-star area in St. Martin near Lofer boasts huge campervan spaces. Guests can get comfortable on 120 to 180 m2 lots and really stretch out. The idyllic location in an old park with an unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains adds to the wonderful atmosphere in which you can fully relax. Space allocation is also made with the view that neighbours will be compatible. There are areas for families, couples without children or dog owners. Its proximity to the Saalach river means that the place is popular with whitewater athletes. Incidentally, the XXL spaces are also available for tents. On the Saalach grassland, exclusively sunny places on lush, soft grass ground are let to campers with tents, tent trailers or minibuses.

Several BIG4 Holiday Parks offer safari-style tents that fall straight into the glamping category. This accommodation option comes complete with ready-made tents – no setting up is required – and some even include amenities such as a shower, fridge, and microwave. Set up camp, stay in a cabin or glamp in a safari tent at a New South Wales Holiday Park where you’ll find nature at your doorstep. Your camping location should depend on the time of year you’re taking your holiday and what activities you wish to do. You should also choose your location depending on whether you’re staying in a tent, a caravan or perhaps just a simple hammock.

Take day trips similar to those you will be taking while camping (hikes, canalside walks, lakeside walks, riverside walks and days at the beach). You should always make sure that you know how to put up your tent in advance of leaving home. It’s always easier to check that it is watertight and easy-to-use before departing. You don’t want to be struggling with it in potentially adverse weather conditions. Because our country is such an ideal setting for traveling by camper van you may be overwhelmed by the amount of rental vehicle companies that are available. Each offering various deals and holiday services such as itinerary mapping and drop off & pick up services. You want to have an unforgettable time in New Zealand so it is worth spending the time researching and comparing companies, that way you can be reassured you have chosen wisely.

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