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I’m not an efficient holiday researcher. So what is the secret to a great camping trip? That may well depend upon your own individual perspective. We all have different elements of holidays and trips that we enjoy. The key to getting the most out of any camping experience is to think about what you want and then to ensure that you get it. From leaving no trace to ensuring you’ve packed that vital piece of kit, our essential wild camping guide explains how to get started, where you can legally camp in the UK, kit to take and safely tips. The best way to tackle these problems is to actually put your tent up in the garden before you leave. A little trial run will ensure that you’re happy that you know how to put the tent up and also that it is fully waterproof.

Plan a weekend away to Bryon Bay with your family and experience a couple of nights sleeping in the tent, eating at the campsite, taking naps and all the other parts of a camping holiday that will be new and different with a toddler along for the holiday. If things run amuck that first night, you won’t feel bad ditching the holiday when you’re only there for two nights; whereas if you had planned a much longer holiday, you’d be upset if you have to leave after only one night. Once again, this is where good planning really comes into its own. Think about some alternative activities, in the case of bad weather. By doing so, you can ensure that your holiday will not be ruined by bit of rain.

This is a pretty good tip. You don’t want to spend an enormous amount on camping accessories, in case you don’t actually like the experience once you get there. On the other hand, it is certainly difficult to travel lightly if you have the rest of your family in tow. Choosing the wrong size or type of tent can ruin your camping adventure, so you want to take tent-buying tips seriously. Your toddler will want to be able to play with toys and games (depending on the stage of toddlerhood) that are not only fun and keep them occupied, but are age appropriate and familiar. If you’re making dinner at the campsite, or one of you is off using the facilities at the holiday park, then having toys available for kids to keep them entertained while you do the prep work and what not is always a good idea.

One of our top tents of last year, the Cullin 300 is not a cheap pop-up, but remains wonderfully straightforward to pitch, has room for a couple with plenty of kit, weighs 4.2kg (50 x dia22cm bag) and has light and Yunan Eco Alloy Poles, plus a 5000mm (camping code for really waterproof) ripstop weave flysheet with taped seams. We all know there is nothing quite like throwing the camping gear – and the kids – in the back of the car, heading down that empty road and answering the call of the wild. Spending some quality time with the family among nature, well, does it get any better than that? Just don’t forget to make sure that our children and our children’s children can enjoy the outdoors for years to come as well. Here are a few simple tips to make sure your next family camping trip is as green as can be.

A CAMPING holiday is the holiday of choice this year as families opt for a staycation in the UK. 14. Check out and make full use of the amenities on site; Most parks host a range of free facilities such as: Heated Swimming pool, Crazy golf course, Tennis court, Children’s play area, Nature trails, Social club house (with children’s and adults play rooms) and recreational fields. But the best approach is really to regard to your house as being off-limits for the night. This way, you’ll be experiencing what a camping trip is like, but it will be less daunting.

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