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Camping holidays can be wonderful fun for the whole family but some people don’t seem to enjoy such trips as much as they could do. How can you ensure that you make the most of such trips? 7. Leave a rubber doormat at the entrance of your tent or caravan to minimise dirt or sand from entering your camp area. Do you really need those 5 pairs of shoes? YES! I say, make the kids take one outfit that they can turn inside out every other day and since when did my husband need anything other than 1 t-shirt, a jumper and some jeans? Seriously though, great list. We are only occasionally camper van travellers, but you seem to hit every important piece of advice. 4) Keep your options open – Look for campsites with plenty of activity options and make sure you are kitted out with books, bikes, binoculars, ball games etc. Bird spotting, fossicking in rock pools and snorkelling are all fantastic for getting that beneficial connection with the natural world. Safe swimming opportunities would be top of most kids’ lists when asked what makes the perfect summer camping experience.

Between the swimming pools, splash play areas, playgrounds and sports facilities, there’s plenty to keep kids entertained. The unique thing about a camping holiday is that kids will make friends with kids in neighbouring mobile homes and will be happy to splash together in the pool for the day. Think about a recent camping trip that didn’t go as well as you had hoped. This may seem like a rather negative manner in which to begin planning, but it is absolutely vital if you feel that it’s important to have a more positive experience on this particular trip.

Very first, you should decide whether or not a camping car is really needed. Some individuals make an RV their home. Anyway, for vacationers, it might be a secondary alternative. You can just borrow or rent the Recreational vehicle for your camping trip. Going camping does not mean you have to ‘rough it’ completely. Far from it; most campsites have toilet blocks with shower facilities, so pack your washbag, a fluffy towel and don’t forget your toothbrush. There is also a relatively new Native Parks Organisation where for a fee of $70 you get to stay in up to 50 camping spots on private property. You need to be driving a totally self contained rental campervan or motorhome to take part in this scheme. This is a great way to meet the locals.

If you have just arrived on an international flight before you collect your motorhome, we suggest you don’t travel any more than two hours on your first day. Here’s some campsites within two hours drive (depending on traffic) of Auckland International and Christchurch International Airports. One big disadvantage of camping holidays is that bathroom facilities at many camp sites are really lacking. That means that you can guarantee a nice, warm shower in the mornings. Worse still, toilets may be sadly lacking when it comes to hygiene.

If you’re looking to stay at a camp site that has particular facilities, then have you checked that any such amenities exist before you depart? If not, then you could well find yourself being disappointed. Windboiler Stove, MSR , £110: Jaw-dropping fuel efficiency, impressive wind resistance and a speedy boil time all wrapped up in a thermos-sized package. If you walk in all weathers and need a compact, fuss-free cooking system then this award-winning stove is for you. Showing 1 to 10 of 10 Articles matching ‘Luxury Camping’ in related articles.

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