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Camping in cold weather is not for those who are afraid of the cold! Located a pebble’s flick from a picture-perfect crescent cove, the rustic campsite at Tietiesbaai is a cult destination for fishermen and water babies – especially over Easter and Christmas. Facilities are basic, there’s no shade and the water is always icy … but this is all forgotten when the sun sets over the Atlantic and the kreef are sizzling on the braai. Situated in the shadow of a historic lighthouse, this is the rugged West Coast at its best. Bring along a kayak and go for a paddle, or pack the fishing tackle and wet some line.

Camping is a holiday and hobby choice that requires a lot of equipment. Tents, boots, blankets, sleeping gear, bags, utensils for cooking, cleaning, cool-boxes, cooking equipment etc. Holiday Camp from Spain-info. Whether you’ve always been a camper or you are new to camping holidays, going on a trip with a toddler can be one of the most exhausting things you’ll do as a parent, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. Your child could see wildlife, play on the beach and maybe even see a waterfall. So many memorable and exciting experiences can be part of a camping holiday, so if you just take your time and make a checklist, we’re certain you, too, can go camping with your toddler.

Going somewhere with your furry friends is fun. If you have a pet who gets spooked by fireworks, though, you may consider keeping them at home on summer holidays that often feature fireworks. People may have fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers that terrify your pet, and at a campsite, you can’t send them down to the basement or a spare room to escape the noise. Eventually you may get fed up of hotel rooms and holiday resorts, being tied to one place and to fixed times, always the same people, the gradual feeling of everyday routine between strange sheets, even though you are hundreds of kilometers away from home.

What are your tips for enjoying caravan parks during the school holidays? Let us know in the comments. Our top tip for your camping pod holiday is stick with the camping stove. You can make some delicious one pot meals When you are glamping in locations like our camping pods at Riverside and Scoutscroft you’ll have a mini decking area, perfect for a few camping chairs and a camping stove! A good cool box will keep your food chilled for a night or so. Camping parks will always try their best to allocate you to a pitch of their choice but sometimes this may not be possible, especially if you have a large tent or caravan.

After a few weekend trips, you will build up your list of essentials. Some of them may seem like luxuries but they will make the experience ten times easier. Recently I developed a little focus group of grandparents and other experienced family travellers around the campfire. They were full of ideas to keep young travellers entertained in and out of the car. There are so many campsites. So very many. It’s often almost impossible to choose one over another. Eurocamp and similar operators hire out mobile homes, lodges and ready-built tents on campsites in France, Spain, Italy and more. We say ‘campsites’, but they’re often more like resorts, usually boasting restaurants, children’s playgrounds, on-site supermarkets and swimming complexes. Many lay on free kids’ clubs and evening entertainment.

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