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A camping holiday is great fun as long as you have the correct camping equipment. Holiday firm Verdant Leisure , which operates ten parks across the UK is just one UK site which has already seen a rapid influx in bookings, with this weekend set to be a busy one for its parks. 24) Refillable water bottles for day trips – as per above. You don’t want to get dehydrated and it can be quite a way between sources of fresh, drinkable water. I was on holiday in Dalmatia last year, where I tasted – among other delicacies – a very special risotto and a tasty sheep’s cheese. I still enjoy remembering eating these specialties – not to be missed if you’re visiting Dalmatia – and so I wanted to share them with you! A little bit of a warning: your mouth may start watering while you are reading this article, and you may be booking yourself on the next available flight to Croatia.

The last thing you want to deal with is that cheap tent you skimped out on (see – 2. Equipment) snapping a tent-pole and the rain you thought you avoided, unloads 2 weeks worth of water onto your campsite while you and the taller of your children take turns holding the tent up as your wife watches sullenly and rather wetly from the family car. Heavy-duty tape would have been a much quicker fix. Traveling with multiple families? Try giving everyone a different meal to prepare. Since it’s a holiday, you may want to have unique dishes , such as red, white and blue cake. When you hand out the assignments in advance, this gives everyone more time to prepare — which means it will be extra-special, as a holiday meal should be.

16) Mobile phone charger – if you have a car charger, this can be a good idea, or if you are booked into a camping ground with power, then your normal charger will be fine. Take your cellphone with you on day trips, just in case – if you get lost, there might just be a cellphone tower somewhere handy which makes it possible to call for help. There’s nothing better than scrubbing the dirt off after a day in the outdoors, but even here you can green your camping experience. Regular soaps can be harmful to the environment, so consider using biodegradable soaps that will break down more quickly. The same goes for sunscreen and insect repellent.

If on your camping holiday you are suddenly caught out by bad weather this is certainly no reason to immediately pack up your tent. If the tent is big enough you can also eat for once in the sleeping cabin. In this situation the quality and the waterproof properties of the tent will be put to the test and is the reason that before you set off you should really invest in a high quality with perfect workmanship. Bush camping is usually free and gives you the opportunity to connect with nature. Many times bush camping means staying at a site with no facilities, so it’s roughing it. But there are fewer people, so your camping holiday is peaceful. You can also go on hikes, fish, go backpacking, biking and do other fun outdoor activities. Don’t forget your binoculars — you can get a glimpse of wildlife from a safe distance.

Many campgrounds are seasonal and for good reason. Snow and freezing temperatures make it difficult to access some sites or keep the water running. Don’t despair if your favorite campground is closed this holiday season. Instead, use it as an opportunity to enjoy one of these recommended locations. Ensure you have the correct size of your unit, i.e. The length of your caravan including tow bar and tent including guy ropes. This is important for pitching purposes. Be sure to tell park if this changes. If you’re hiking alone and only camping out a night or two, then smaller is better. However, if you’re walking with company or very tall, then you may want to share the load and opt for a roomier tent. Tent size very much depends on how comfortable you are in a fairly cramped surroundings, so if possible visit an outdoor store to get an idea of what size would suit you.

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