Survival Tips When Camping In Winter

There is one overriding concern when talking about camping, and that is hygiene. 1) Safety in numbers – If being the sole provider of your family’s entertainment for an entire holiday leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, it would be a good idea to plan your trip with friends. Ensuring everyone has a playmate (parents included) halves the work and doubles the fun. Another family highlight was the Stobreč” campsite in Split where children are most welcome and will find plenty of things to do whilst mum and dad can relax or try themselves at surfing. Camping is exhilarating: You’ll see and experience things that you would never otherwise come across. Getting a glimpse of local wildlife, plantlife and experiencing nature first-hand is exciting.

After setting up your tent or caravan, you can use this camping advice to get the rest of your site set up. It is also useful to have all of your main pieces of camping equipment stored in one, single location. Why should you do this? The key advantage here is in making sure that you can quickly lay your hands on any piece of equipment within a few minutes. You’ll find that this makes it so much easier to pack at short notice. In line with government guidance, there are four key areas that Verdant Leisure, like most UK campsites and holiday parks, is taking into account.

So how can you plan for these issues? There are hygienic toilet solutions available that will enable you to have your own private facilities on camping trips. Instead, use appropriate drainage sites, and you can go one better and swap out your usual brands for eco-friendly options made with natural ingredients. Perfect for a getting back to nature camping trip. First-time campers: If you’ve never camped before, consider opting for a Holiday Park where you have access to electricity, shower blocks, camp kitchens, laundries and convenience stores. Holiday Parks (such as Brisbane Holiday Village) also offer a range of facilities and activities for the whole family and are a great way to ease kids into the idea of ‘roughing it’.

An ingenious suggestion we received through the BIG4 Facebook page was for first-time campers to choose a campsite within close range of a hardware store. This way, you can easily grab a spare item or three in case you are ill-prepared. Before you head off, make sure your dog is up to date with any treatments, vaccinations and general health checks. Ensure your dog is microchipped and that pet insurance is up to date and valid. It’s a great concept to get the kids actively involved with setting up on holiday but we’d probably advise the opposite when packing up! Send the kids on a scavenger hunt or to the shop to get supplies for the return journey home (if they are old enough of course) and allow yourself to pack away without the stress of the young ones under your feet.

The Electric Love Festival in Salzburg’s Salzkammergut region brings you three days of music, cool sounds and a great vibe. Whether it’s dance music, dubstep, electro, house, hardstyle or drum and bass – the world comes together here to celebrate music. And it’s best to stay the night at the camping site. Check out Basic Camping North or South – the infrastructure such as showers, toilets, bars, snacks shops and a supermarket includes everything you may need. The timesaving Comfort Camping area is even a touch less complicated with its own Electric Love Pop Up tent for 2 people with extended curfew hours and other privileges.

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