A Checklist Of Basic Camping Gear

The valley opens below. Along with a camping stove, pans and spare gas canisters, make sure you take enough plates and cutlery for everyone. ‘Sporks’ are great, as they triple-up as a fork, spoon and knife. Use frozen cartons of juice and milk as a space-saving alternative to freezer blocks. In the morning, everything in your coolbox will be fresh, ready for your hearty breakfast. Responsible dog ownership doesn’t stop when you’re on a camping trip, says Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant Kathy Kopellis McLeod. It’s important to respect not just the space of other campers, but also their dogs. Be mindful of your dog’s safety by not letting them wander too far – they could enter the space of an anti-social dog. By using common sense about what you allow your dog to do, you can avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations like dog fights.

Exempting your die-hard, best-of-everything campers with waayyyy too much money to spend on completely ridiculous gear (portable solar-powered oven anyone?), camping is fairly inexpensive on the finance front. However, in terms of actual holiday experiences, camping ranks pretty high on the awesome scale. 48) Fishing gear and a fishing licence, depending on the season and what you are fishing for. Fish and Game is a good starting point if you are in New Zealand. A great idea for your family camping trip is to get a Family Licence which covers 2 adults and up to 5 children. If your children are under 12, you don’t need a licence for them to fish. If they are 12- 17 yrs old, they need a junior licence, and over 17 years requires an adult licence.

Something I have always found useful is to take wind breakers to form a make shift garden around your camping area and take some of your kids favourite toys. This allows them space to roam freely without you having to worry and gives them the boundary that they need, if the children want to go outside of the ‘garden’ area they must ask and be accompanied by an adult. Does the asking price sound reasonable? It it is too much, don’t be afraid to ask why. Compare its price to other caravans in the same or nearby parks.

Here are some suggestions for the kit you will need to ensure a safe and comfortable night of wild camping. Hunt around for the kit that works best for you. If you can, try camping at a campsite or even back garden to test your kit out before heading to the wild. Familiarise your kids with the rules of the caravan park. The key to an enjoyable, safe camping trip is all in the planning. Let’s first look at why camping is the right choice before getting into some quality camping advice. 1. Practise reversing your caravan or trailer and setting up (and packing away) your tent to ensure a quick set-up or getaway.

The small town of Stobreč itself attracts visitors with many charming little restaurants – among them the Pizzeria Orbis” that, according to the Müller Trachslers, is very good – as is the campsite restaurant with sea views so beautiful the family often chose to eat there. Keanu and Joya had a blast with the campsite’s five-metre-high diving platform. Eager to dive from the platform into the turquoise water, ten-year-old Joya had no qualms about cheekily passing numerous cool teenagers awaiting their turn (earning her their respect and applause).

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