Planning Your First Camping Trip

Camping is a fun and exhilarating activity for many, but rainy weather at campsites can be a factor. Be sure to check with your chosen campsite in advance to see if they provide electricity. A generator is another option for powering your fan, though not all campsites allow them due to the noise they create which can be disruptive to other travellers. Finding yourself without a vital piece of kit in the wild is not only annoying – it can be life-threatening. While packing that extra warm layer or waterproof might add a bit of weight to your pack, if the weather suddenly changes it will make a night outdoors much more enjoyable – and safe. Being a bit cold and wet could soon turn from a miserable experience to a deadly one if the weather takes a turn for the worse, so don’t risk it.

We offer campsites to suit everyone and your stay will help us look after special places for ever, for everyone. Visit for a comprehensive list of campsites in Europe. Camping also allows us to take a step back from the consumerism of the season. It provides ways to connect more closely with nature and one another. Outdoor activities fill our days and help us unplug from the constant barrage of advertisements and sales. Instead of spending your weekend shopping and cooking for a crowd, enjoy peaceful days among the woods and evenings under the stars. Deeper conversations naturally flow from the lack of distractions.

Camping is relatively cheap and it gives you lots of freedom, making it ideal for families. There are thousands of campsites and holiday parks throughout the UK, many of which are heavily geared towards families and have excellent facilities for children. 21. Switch of the gas, electricity and water at the mains if you are leaving your holiday home for 12 hours or more. So keeping your foods and drinks cold should be one of your concerns when camping in the summer. Similarly, you needn’t use camp site toilets if they are not in the condition that you would hope for. The solution is to use one of the new breed of portable camping toilets, which ensure high hygiene standards and are also environmentally friendly.

Cooking surface – don’t count on a fire always being possible, depending on where you are camping, fire regulations and restrictions, or wet weather. A small, portable propane stove or charcoal grill can be a life saver for heating up food and water. Always be prepared. Not only the mantra of boy and girl scouts the world over, but also a great thought to live by if you are thinking about heading into the wilderness (or not so wilderness) to enjoy a camping holiday. If you’re planning an active holiday, Lucky Pet Supplies recommends the Zippy Paws Adventure Backpack. This practical accessory enables your dog to carry their own water and snacks while you’re out walking together. The Doglite LED Flashing Collar and Leash lights up in the dark so you won’t lose your dog, and drivers and cyclists will be able to see your pup if you’re walking on the road at night.

If you’re really worried about bad behaviour in the car, one of my campfire cohorts swears by sitting a packet of lollies on the dash. He tells the kids each time they sook or misbehave that one lolly will be tossed out the window. At the end of the day, they can share what’s left of the lollies or put the empty bag in the bin, the choice is theirs. Camping in the bush allows you to connect with nature and enjoy activities like backpacking, hiking on trails and spotting wildlife. Freeze water in a couple of 2-litre juice bottles about a week before your trip. Adding these to your eskie not only keeps it cold, but also provides cool water to drink once they thaw out — usually in a couple of days.

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