Camping Freedom, Tips And Ideas For Your Holiday

In this article we take a closer look at some top tips that can help you to get the most out of your camping trips. Showing 1 to 15 of 15 Articles matching ‘camping for kids’ in related articles. If you are heading to the countryside in New Zealand and look for exotic locations, always come prepared. If you have not gone camping before, this list can make your New Zealand camping holiday less stressful and more comfortable. The worst thing while you’re at your campsite or day hiking is for there to be an emergency. If there is a problem, you’ll be grateful you brought these items. 22) Check all your camping gear at home BEFORE you go away – Make sure all the tent poles and pegs are there, there are no holes in the tent or fly, airbeds all stay up and your camp stove has enough gas (if you are not using shared kitchen facilities). Enough said – always be prepared, and don’t let something relatively minor affect your whole trip.

For others the freedom of being in the outdoors outweighs all disadvantages relating to homely comforts such as showering and using the toilet. They also enjoy not being able to use their mobile phones, as these are an invasion which can ruin a holiday if someone is using theirs constantly. Whilst camping, people will also be away from the thick smog of the city, something many consider to be unhealthy. The great outdoors has nothing but fresh air, and most people consider this a huge advantage of camping holidays.

Located a pebble’s flick from a picture-perfect crescent cove, the rustic campsite at Tietiesbaai is a cult destination for fishermen and water babies – especially over Easter and Christmas. Facilities are basic, there’s no shade and the water is always icy … but this is all forgotten when the sun sets over the Atlantic and the kreef are sizzling on the braai. Situated in the shadow of a historic lighthouse, this is the rugged West Coast at its best. Bring along a kayak and go for a paddle, or pack the fishing tackle and wet some line.

Unfortunately, many of us can’t afford to spend an enormous amount of holiday on such a trip. As a result of this, we may often find that we are looking at cheaper alternatives. The problem with such an approach is that it may leave us with a considerably inferior holiday experience. If you’re camping with kids, scrimp on their comfort at your peril. Isbjörn of Sweden make high-performance gear for babies through to teens, with fully taped seams and eco-friendly water repellent features. This jacket is especially light, perfect for summer exploring.

Showing 1 to 13 of 13 Articles matching ‘Winter Holiday Destinations’ in related articles. Camping during the summer holidays offers a fantastic chance to get away for a mini-vacation. You may like it so much, you make it an annual tradition! Remember to make your reservations well in advance at your favorite KOA location , where our clean campsites and great amenities will make the holiday extra-special. Most camping grounds will have a number of power points for caravans and camper vans, as well as tent sites. There will be rules that it is essential campers comply with so other campers are happy. Many camps will expect noise to be limited after may even close their gates. They will either have a facility for you to get a key, or you should be able to make some arrangement if you will be arriving back later than their closing time.

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Christmas Decorations To Light Up Your Holidays

There are many different things to do during Florida holidays. An ingenious suggestion we received through the BIG4 Facebook page was for first-time campers to choose a campsite within close range of a hardware store. This way, you can easily grab a spare item or three in case you are ill-prepared. Before you head off, make sure your dog is up to date with any treatments, vaccinations and general health checks. Ensure your dog is microchipped and that pet insurance is up to date and valid. It’s a great concept to get the kids actively involved with setting up on holiday but we’d probably advise the opposite when packing up! Send the kids on a scavenger hunt or to the shop to get supplies for the return journey home (if they are old enough of course) and allow yourself to pack away without the stress of the young ones under your feet.

This is also where the disadvantages begin however, because some people like the routine they have and won’t want it disturbed by living in a tent for a week or two. Sometimes there are no shower facilities and people will need to use a solar shower, which isn’t a problem for most, but some people could feel self-conscious about their body when using one. Toilets are another big disadvantage if a camp site doesn’t have the facilities provided, as people will need to go and dig themselves a hole to use, or use a communal one, which many consider to be worse.

We have had our T5 camper for just over three years now and pretty much love our family camper van holidays. One thing is for sure. Make sure you have your campervan insurance for a converted van and adequate roadside assistance. We had trouble driving back from our campsite in Spain , and I have to say it was really stressful. Road side assistance is definitely peace of mind. Camping kids run around till lunch like lunatics, then disappear with other campers’ kids till dinner. They never play like they do at home and need half of their usual gear.

20) Decent tent, camp table and folding chairs – Well the tent is the most important of these three, but having furniture to sit on and eat off is a bonus if you have room for it. Sitting on a rug and eating off your lap night after night gets old pretty fast. There are plenty of sites that will give you the rundown on what sort of tent to buy, depending on – your budget, how many you want to accommodate and whether it is just a back up for a night or two, or you are planning to set the whole family up in it for a week or more of quality time.

Before you even leave for your trip, it’s important to introduce sleeping in a tent or campervan if you’re going to do that while on your camping holiday. It will make the trip go much smoother if your little one is already familiar with the tent or campervan and have experienced what it is like to sleep there. You’ll want to think through how you’re going to calm them down for the night in the tent, how much they can tolerate noise-wise for sleeping (you getting in and out of the tent, how much they can hear outside the tent, etc.) and what to do if they wake up in the middle of the night.

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CAMPING OREGON Related Articles

Camping holidays can be wonderful fun for the whole family but some people don’t seem to enjoy such trips as much as they could do. How can you ensure that you make the most of such trips? What’s the secret to a good night’s sleep on a campsite? It’s a mixture of good sleeping bags, duvets, mats, ear plugs, eye masks and possibly Malbec. A bad night’s sleep can ruin your camping. “I never go without my normal pillows and earplugs,” warns Caroline. There are 20 campsites with serviced ablutions and a basic kitchen, but no power points. There’s so much to experience in WA – and years of family trips to look forward to – but before you hit the open road make sure you fill up on the essentials. Loch Lomond – Scotland’s largest loch offers up 720 square miles of National Park to explore. Pitch your tent or campervan at one of the campsites at Loch Lomond to bag one of the 21 Munros, paddleboard around the loch’s 22 islands, or hike along the West Highland Way. Wild camping at Loch Lomond is restricted from March to September, but you can still ‘wild’ camp in designated spaces with a permit from the National Park.

Camping can mean using a surprising amount of chemicals from toilets, cleaning supplies and even our everyday washing soaps and often these aren’t kind to our planet. Avoid pouring out too much water containing harsh chemicals directly onto the ground where the chemicals seep into the soil. Mile End Glamping offers a camping experience with a big difference – sleeping under the stars while surrounded by the modern comforts of a fancy hotel. This South West gem spans 144 acres of stunning native bush with a tranquil river flowing right through the estate.

Camping in Bavaria provides its guests with the optimum conditions for action-packed holidays with a mobile home, caravan or tent. Guide to Holiday Camps Bungalows and Wooden Chalets sites,from Holiday Camp from Spain-info. Showing 1 to 25 of 500 Articles in Camping. When it comes to your first trip away, there’s nothing wrong with a caravan park if you don’t want to start with a drop pit loo experience. Most will have a playground and a pool which is a social hub for both parents and youngsters. Outdoor addicts can camp all year round in this tough and relatively affordable 2-person tent. Alloy poles and robust fabrics are designed to cope with high winds, heavy rain and other nasty weather. The design is so stable that Wild Country reckon that it can usually be pitched without guying out – for example on soft ground.

When your kids go off with their new friends, check that they know how to get back to camp before they head off. If you’ve got a site number, make sure you tell them. If not, then ensuring that they know what kind of car, tent or van you’re in makes their return much easier when they ask someone for help. Find Garbage Cans: Formal campsites have trash cans located near camping sites you can use. If your site does not, you should gather up your rubbish and keep it away from your site and out of reach of animals.

Scotland has a wide array of campsites that are perfect for a fun family break Whether you’re looking for somewhere packed with on-site activities, an off-the-grid site with a little more peace and quiet, or a site where you can have campfires on the beach – we can help you find the perfect place to pitch your tent. If you are trying out camping for the first time, then see if you can borrow some so you can have a trial camping holiday before investing in a great set of camping gear for yourself. When it comes to buying then look out for secondhand gear where possible. There is often plenty of camping gear available on websites like eBay and Gumtree, and a lot of it is as good as new.

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Five Planning Tips For Camping Memorial Weekend

When planning a family holiday, consider camping. 15. If you share you holiday home with family or friends; put up a little list on the fridge door of the tasks that need doing when using the caravan, such as switching on the gas, water and electricity on arrival and telling the office who they are and how long they are staying. How about when you’ve built up the confidence to actually go camping at a proper site? At this stage, you could look for a campsite that’s relatively close to home. If you’re feeling a bit more brave, then why not travel further afield but look for a campsite that offers good facilities.

Normally you can only visit the above ground facilities in Cern; the LHC is located underground and away from public viewing. That said, there are times when they shut the collider down and open the underground section to visitors. If you don’t manage to organise your school trip to Cern at one of these times, you don’t need to worry, as there is lots more to see all year round. What facilities are there for kids? There are multiple swimming pools, waterslides, waterfalls, splash playground, 4 playgrounds, mini golf, games room, endless sports facilities, the campsite’s own kids club and entertainment.

A last-minute holiday sounds great! If the weather at home isn’t up to much, or if you decide to head off on holiday on a whim, a last-minute camping holiday is easily booked. And they often look like they’re great value too! But are they? Don’t you get better value if you book early? And – will there still be space at the more popular campsites? We’re here to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of a last-minute camping holiday. 8. Instead of going overseas for holiday theme parks, why not explore your own holiday theme parks. You would be amazed that they offer the same kind of adventures at a lower cost.

Before and after your camping trip, make sure you have cleaned your equipment thoroughly. It is your way of preventing the spreading of weeds and diseases to the surroundings. The ecosystem of New Zealand is highly susceptible to diseases. In fact, the airport authorities will ask you to clean your gear and equipment before they allow you to enter New Zealand. 7. Repellents are important, depending on where you are camping. If you’re near water, you will want bug repellent so that you don’t get mosquito bites. If you’re near bear country (like in Yellowstone National Park) you’ll be glad you brought along bear repellent to make sure they leave you alone.

Showing 1 to 25 of 48 Articles matching ‘holidays italy’ in related articles. Help your children to pack their own backpack. Their involvement in packing their own bag prior to the trip is a good way to get them interested in the upcoming adventure. Fill the pack with the essentials; water bottles, tissues, sunglasses, sunscreen and snacks! Also include a whistle, in case they wander too far. Do not travel during the holidays or mid-summer. Prices are always jacked up on hotel rooms, restaurants, and tourist attractions at most major cities. Instead, travel during the fall when school starts again, or early winter, when prices will be back to normal, if not cheaper than usual.

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Hiking Backpacking

Do you love hiking for hours? Lightweight- These kind of bags are at the top quality end of the market and they are commonly developed for seasoned hikers and more of your extreme type outdoor journeys. They’re constructed from high quality materials and will be more costly but of much better quality.

First, pick the hike you want to do and the direction you want to go, the season and month you’re beginning your hike in may influence this decision. Then, check trail conditions and do some research into the parking and logistics of getting to the trailhead ahead of time.

BOTTOM LINE: The Granite Gear Crown2 (view women’s sizes here ) is a durable and well-designed lightweight backpack with a large capacity and an affordable price tag. The Crown2 has a unique, fully-adjustable hip belt and a removable top lid if you’re looking to save some weight. It’s simple, yet comfortable frame consists of a molded foam pad and a removable plastic sheet. If 60L is too large for you, it also compresses well when not fully loaded. We recommend this pack for those who are new to lightweight backpacking and may need a little more space than most ultralight packs offer.

Be picky about what you bring on your backpacking trip. While one item may seem to be a good idea to bring along, even if it is a little heavy, keep in mind that you may have plenty of other things to carry as well. The total weight you’ll have to haul may mean that the fancy gadget you were thinking of buying is better off on the store shelves.

This quintessential Northern Japanese Alps hike may be short, but it is undoubtedly an undertaking. The trail traverses from the low mountains to the highest peaks, from the serene river valley of Kamikochi to the windy summit of Mt Yarigatake. After a lazy walk through the deciduous forest along the Azusagawa River, the path steepens and heads into the alpine. The pinnacle-like summit of Yarigatake is within sight as hikers use their hands to cling to old metal ladders attached to vertical rock faces. An exhilarating ridgeline, the Daikiretto (meaning the big cut”), awaits bold hikers with chains to help navigate the knife-edge. Backpackers do not need technical skills for these sections but would benefit from confident footing and unwavering nerves.

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Backpacking Checklist

Camping and hiking trips can really be very exciting especially if they are undertaken with family and friends. After your first trip, you’ll be able to answer a lot of questions for next time: What gear worked or didn’t work; did you bring the right amount of food; was your pace fast enough to make the mileage, and more. Use this step-by-step guide to planning a successful trip as a beginner backpacker.

Backpacking is often the next adventure after successfully taking on longer hikes and car camping. Similarly, backpacking with kids is something parents are excited about and they look forward to making more memories. But going solo (not necessarily by yourself, but without tiny munchkins) and gaining some backpacking knowledge and experience under your belt is a great way to test the waters of backpacking life before you thrust your family into it head first.

The main goal of all these activities — hiking, trekking, and backpacking — is to get you out walking amongst nature. So there’s no reason for us to sweat the terminology and all the more reason for us to just get out walking (…or should I say hiking?).

I’ve tried MANY pairs of outdoor, quick-dry type underwear, and these REI Co-op Active Hipsters are my new favorite. While these underwear may not be the sexiest, they are moisture wicking and dry quickly, stay put, and panty lines don’t show. I like to bring a couple pairs for a multi-day backpacking trip.

This loop backpack has plentiful highlights that you earn with climbs and descents. Leave Slacks Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, crossing the Parkway to make White Rock Falls. Beyond the falls, cross the Parkway again, dropping to South Fork Back Creek. Ahead, Sherando Lake Recreation Area is centered with a pair of lakes and a series of nature trails that you can incorporate into your loop. The recreation area also has water spigots running during the warm season. From Sherando Lake, ascend Torry Ridge, passing view-laden Overlook Rock where Three Ridges Mountain rises in the distance. Work your way to the lowlands, eventually reach trouty Mills Creek. A steep climb earns now-wooded Bald Mountain. Still more views open of the Mills Creek Valley below while ridge running back to the Slacks Overlook.

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A Camping Holiday Could Save You Money

One of the most popular family events for summer outings is camping, and to have a safe and fun vacation or holiday it is important to have the right camping gear. There’s nothing quite like packing up your gear and hitting the road for a camping adventure. Camp Gulf is a premier destination in the Florida Panhandle where you can camp on the sugar sand beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast. The campground hosts a range of meals and activities over the holidays. They also offer 16 cabins, each walking distance to the beach including a loft area, full kitchen, and bath. All children would love camping because it is something very new for them or very few ever get to experience. Setting up their tents for the first time. Collecting water, hearing crickets at night, waking up early in the morning to fetch water. These are the things we no longer get to do as much because our lifestyle is so busy and so different. Sunrise and sunset are something we get to look forward to instead of the latest TV programs or going to the mall.

7. Take your own toilet: This is particularly important if you’re visiting a campsite for the first time and don’t know what the facilities are like. By packing your own portable toilet you can ensure a much more pleasant trip. Have a plan for the set up, maybe one of you could take the kids to the park while the other pitches the tent or if the children are older set them tasks to help with the set up so that they have their own job to get done. Not wanting to sound negative but if you are bringing camping equipment with you, especially if it has been used in Asia, please make sure it is thoroughly clean – no soil on the tent pegs, no grass seeds on the floor. NZ has one of the world’s toughest Agriculture Inspection services. You MUST declare camping equipment and it may be inspected.

Ask for a copy of the Occupation Agreement. It includes park rules, annual costs, inclusions and other details. It should be lengthy. If it is only 2-3 pages long, then it is possible that the agreement does not comply with the legislation concerning on site caravans. The Government Act in NSW concerning on site vans in Holiday Parks is: “Occupation Agreement. Holiday Parks. (Long Term Casual Occupation) Act 2002”. Campsites are generally designed to have less negative effects on the environment, while increasing your comfort and convenience. On your part, take your rubbish with you when you leave your campsite. The trash you leave can attract bacteria, cause animals to choke, or trap some wildlife. Also, your litter can ruin the overall appearance of the environment.

Cornwall is known as a fishing district and for its sands and beaches. But it is a surprising fact that Ruthern Valley is a perfect camping spot with family. It is green, woody with large grass strewn fields. The sites have been adapted for family camping and hence have a lovely play field and swings for kids. The campsite’s location offers great cycling track at well. Come to Ruthern Valley for a wholesome enjoyment. The average family (two adults, two kids) owns around $3786 worth of camping equipment, according to Sum Insure. Families with top-of-the-range gear are looking at an average of $12,000.

One of our top tents of last year, the Cullin 300 is not a cheap pop-up, but remains wonderfully straightforward to pitch, has room for a couple with plenty of kit, weighs 4.2kg (50 x dia22cm bag) and has light and Yunan Eco Alloy Poles, plus a 5000mm (camping code for really waterproof) ripstop weave flysheet with taped seams. We all know there is nothing quite like throwing the camping gear – and the kids – in the back of the car, heading down that empty road and answering the call of the wild. Spending some quality time with the family among nature, well, does it get any better than that? Just don’t forget to make sure that our children and our children’s children can enjoy the outdoors for years to come as well. Here are a few simple tips to make sure your next family camping trip is as green as can be.

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Byron Bay Camping Holiday Essentials!

Family camping trips are the pastime of many a family, the simplicity of a camping trip is what makes it so attractive against regular holidays, it is also a lot cheaper to camp then to on holiday, and these are the reasons why camping is so popular today. Choosing a destination together as a family can be fun. By planning together gives your kids ownership in the trip as well as understanding the process of organizing, packing, and budgeting. Furthermore, selecting a campground that has a variety of activities will keep everyone happy. Once you get to your holiday destination, whether you choose one of the fabulous campsites in the UK or further afield, try and limit your use of transport while there. Get back to nature and hike from place to place or kick back and relax while exploring the area local to the campsite – the perfect way to have a relaxing holiday while reducing your carbon emissions.

The last thing you want to deal with is that cheap tent you skimped out on (see – 2. Equipment) snapping a tent-pole and the rain you thought you avoided, unloads 2 weeks worth of water onto your campsite while you and the taller of your children take turns holding the tent up as your wife watches sullenly and rather wetly from the family car. Heavy-duty tape would have been a much quicker fix. Traveling with multiple families? Try giving everyone a different meal to prepare. Since it’s a holiday, you may want to have unique dishes , such as red, white and blue cake. When you hand out the assignments in advance, this gives everyone more time to prepare — which means it will be extra-special, as a holiday meal should be.

Camping is relatively cheap and it gives you lots of freedom, making it ideal for families. There are thousands of campsites and holiday parks throughout the UK, many of which are heavily geared towards families and have excellent facilities for children. 21. Switch of the gas, electricity and water at the mains if you are leaving your holiday home for 12 hours or more. So keeping your foods and drinks cold should be one of your concerns when camping in the summer. Similarly, you needn’t use camp site toilets if they are not in the condition that you would hope for. The solution is to use one of the new breed of portable camping toilets, which ensure high hygiene standards and are also environmentally friendly.

Vis-à-vis CITTI-PARK’s main mall entrance, free parking space for your caravan is at your disposal, while you go shopping at the CITTI-PARK. The pitches are asphalted, illuminated and equipped with a waste treatment area for disposal of grey-water and black-water, plus a fresh water supply station. As real camping pros, the Müller Trachslers had reserved their sea-view spot on the Camping Arena Medulin” (approx. fifteen minutes from Pula Airport) six months in advance. On arrival, they were thrilled and impressed by the spectacular vistas, the long sandy beaches and the high-quality infrastructure of the campsite that is situated on two peninsulas.

The great news is you don’t need to guess, modern weather forecasting is awesome when planning a holiday and is accurate to about 10 days out. When travelling, I recommend you keep a regular eye on the forecast and stay flexible. is one of Australia’s prominent online retailers of animal health products. They offer a wide range of products for pets of all sizes that could come in handy for your camping trip. One such item is a folding water bowl as dogs can get extremely thirsty during outdoor activities like hiking and enjoying the bush. Packing a sturdy lead ensures your dog stays safely by your side while you’re exploring new territory.

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Tips For Camping In The Rain

One of the most popular family events for summer outings is camping, and to have a safe and fun vacation or holiday it is important to have the right camping gear. Camping in a caravan differs from bringing a tent because you’ll be towing your shelter behind you. You need to look for caravan parks and campgrounds that can accommodate your size. Some roads are not suitable for towing caravans and some campgrounds have certain restrictions. Research your camping area in advance. Another popular park for Disneyland fans is La Croix Du Vieux Pont , a 1.5-hour drive from the theme park. We stayed here for a week, and while you wouldn’t want to commute to Disneyland every day, it was perfect for a day trip.

It is easy to get swept away with the idea to keep moving… to travel…after all the campervan is a house on wheels. From past experience we try to have the ‘3 hour rule’ – no more than three hours travel on the road in one go. If the road trip is expected to last longer than three hours we stop for a few hours or even better – for the night. It makes for a stress free road trip and the little ones appreciate the shorter journey times. Set up a tent in your garden or outside space (your dog will get used to being around camping equipment).

What are your tips for enjoying caravan parks during the school holidays? Let us know in the comments. Our top tip for your camping pod holiday is stick with the camping stove. You can make some delicious one pot meals When you are glamping in locations like our camping pods at Riverside and Scoutscroft you’ll have a mini decking area, perfect for a few camping chairs and a camping stove! A good cool box will keep your food chilled for a night or so. Camping parks will always try their best to allocate you to a pitch of their choice but sometimes this may not be possible, especially if you have a large tent or caravan.

If you already own a pair of waterproof boots, pack them to keep your socks dry as you venture to the latrine at 3am. Wellies would also do the job. But for all-day comfort, stability and dryness you’ll never regret investing in a great pair of boots such as the Cloudrock Waterproof. Despite being quite a chunky high-ankle boot, they’re as light as trainers (445g) and a joy to wear for long periods. The thick sole is cushioned but firm enough to give you reassurance on uneven ground, and the rubber sole sticks brilliantly to rocks, uneven ground and even slippery washing-up areas.

Fortunately, each of these issues is easily avoided. Indeed, a camping trip provides the perfect opportunity to you to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. It also allows you to spend time in the great outdoors. There’s no doubt that a family camping adventure is the stuff that memories are made of. Children will always recall the fun and excitement of exploring the world with the freedom that comes from pitching a tent and having no demands on their time. To optimise airflow through your tent, open up the windows to expose the mesh panels, allowing air to pass through. Take note of which way the wind is blowing and set up your tent so that the wind passes straight through it. Camping at the beach is a great way to ensure a good breeze.

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Static Caravan Buying & Living Tips

Have you always wanted to holiday in Australia but weren’t sure of the best (and cheapest) way to get around while you’re there? While self-serviced accommodation, including hotels, could open on July 11, campsites were further behind due to their reliance on shared facilities. Year-round items worth packing when camping include earplugs and a comfortable chair. How much do Australians love camping? A lot. In 2017, Australians took around 11.6 million caravan and camping trips according to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA), which is quite a few for a country with just over 24 million people. Castile-La Mancha with it’s wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems. from Spain-info.Holiday Camp Bungalows Guide.

We’re going on our fourth European campsite holiday this summer. We’re campsite people. We love the laid-back nature of campsite holidays and we love the range of amenities and kid-friendly activities that European campsites offer. As you get older, you do (somewhat sadly) begin to appreciate that life is easier with a checklist. There is a lot to remember when you are heading off on your family holiday to Cornwall , whether you have a touring caravan or a tent. Camping is the perfect excuse to hunt out new cultures and exotic tastes. So, on your holiday, choose to buy as much food and other items you might need to buy as locally as you can. You will be helping the local economy, helping small, local businesses, and it will give you plenty of opportunities to try new things.

Tents are great for camping in hot weather, but they can also act as greenhouses, trapping the heat inside. You may think that you are a kind, unselfish soul, who would not offend or do anything to upset any fellow campers on their holiday. Unfortunately the chances are that you have upset someone at sometime without even knowing it. For a holiday with children, The Netherlands is the right holiday country. Succes Holidayparcs’ four resorts are located in our own country, meaning you will not have to travel for hours to enjoy a great holiday with children. On top of this, the parks are not only friendly to children, but to the wallet as well, because you will always be assured of the lowest price guarantee at Succes Holidayparcs.

Unfortunately, many of us can’t afford to spend an enormous amount of holiday on such a trip. As a result of this, we may often find that we are looking at cheaper alternatives. The problem with such an approach is that it may leave us with a considerably inferior holiday experience. If you’re camping with kids, scrimp on their comfort at your peril. Isbjörn of Sweden make high-performance gear for babies through to teens, with fully taped seams and eco-friendly water repellent features. This jacket is especially light, perfect for summer exploring.

8. Store food in containers or coolers outside your tent to prevent attracting nocturnal critters to your campsite and always keep your tent zipper closed to keep bugs out. We all understand the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling at home, but it is equally important while on holiday. Where possible, ensure any disposable equipment you take on your camping trip can be recycled. Pick camping sites that have recycling options available as ways to get rid of your waste and anything you can’t recycle at the campsite take home with you to recycle in your usual manner.

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